Friday, 9 November 2007

Web Geekery and a bit of Tweeking

As you know, this blog is all a bit new, so today I've been researching a few other blogspot and theatre blogs to compare mine to and see if there's any tweeking to be done. I came across this lovely looking label cloud at Theatre Notes and you can see I now too have a lovely label cloud all of my own to the left. Isn't it pretty?

I've also added a Tune In To section for music, and therefore modified the Bums On Seats section to include only theatre related sites. There's a Theatre Blogs blogroll and a Theatre Resources list, but I'd really appreciate your input here. If you can recommend any good, relevant sites that I can take a look at, then it would be appreciated!

Please do also take a look at our YouTube site, via the link down the left at the bottom. Unfortunately we can't add clips of anything scripted due to copyright, but we have a lot of contemporary dance and a great fight scene from Colin Teevan's 'Monkey'.

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