Friday, 16 November 2007

Curtains and cut aways

I've spent the day working from home sat at my sewing machine. Over the past few weeks I've had a lot of curtains to make for the theatre and today saw the last of them (for now at least!). Seeing as our theatre has to double up as a teaching space, we have a great auditorium system that allows us to set it all up really easily every time we have a show. We are also able to arrange it in many different combinations so David's fixed some new rails at the back end of the theatre to emphasise the seating and performance space. It should look pretty good, and seeing as our next show is on Tuesday (Shameless plug: Lost Luggage Theatre Co. presents Brittle Secrets, 7.30pm, Tuesday 20th November) I'll take a picture of it looking new and spangly. I know curtains aren't that interesting, but this site is all about running a theatre!

I've also had a quick go at editing together the footage from the rose and it's looking OK. It needs a lot of work though, as if I just run in the images I have at .3 seconds each, it's about 5 seconds long! I found this cool stop motion animation site which could help, if not this time then at least next time! I'll post some more details as they happen. 

Lastly, for this evening's entry (it's Friday and my sewing fingers are tired) Dominic has been on a casting in London today. I hope he did well! I've asked him to write a few words on the experience so we'll have a guest entry from him some time next week. I'll also be interviewing him for Backstage too!  See you tomorrow for some mundane weekend fun!

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