Friday, 3 February 2012

BTEC and GCSE Drama in progress

We have two special evenings of performance featuring our GCSE Drama and BTEC Performing Arts students as part of their examination process. Both evenings will see the BTEC group perform a scripted play by Stephanie Miller called The Grey Angel, followed by a variety of GCSE devised ‘work in progress’ (different groups on each night).

If you would like to come and support the students, then please drop me a mail letting me know how many tickets you would like and on which nights. As these are ‘works in progress’, there will be no charge, but the students will benefit greatly from having a live audience to perform to!

A note about the Grey Angel: Mrs Elizabeth Fry (1780 - 1845) visited prisons and campaigned for improved conditions from about her late twenties till middle-age when ill-health forced her to retire. There was no segregation of the sexes in the prisons at this time.