Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Dona Rosita Press Release

I've been sat in on a rehearsal for Dona Rosita for the last 2 hours, and it's looking pretty slick. It opens next Tuesday and the cast have been trying to organise last minute costumes and tidy up entrances. I've just seen the Aola's flamenco on stage to live guitar by Stephen and it all looks pretty exciting. This is going to be a visual feast for the audience and I can't wait until opening night! Here's the press release that went off today.


The Bradon Forest Theatre presents Lorca’s classic play of love, age and sadness, Dona Rosita is a young woman who’s lover is sent away She promises to wait for him, and wait she does. It is only years later when the lover still does not return, that Rosita starts to doubt her promise, and worries that she’s wasted her life, now being too old to find another love.

Subtitled The Language of Flowers, Lorca uses the metaphor of a rose blooming to symbolise Rosita in her prime. As the colour fades and the petals fall, Rosita is no longer beautiful and young, so must spend the rest of her life alone; a spinster.

Lorca portrays what he calls “the grotesque mistreatment of women” in this play, and although it is set in Spain, the ‘garden banter’, chivalry and outdated social graces could quite easily be in an Austen ‘drawing room’.

This Bradon Forest production sees a vibrant use of colour and music. The set comprises of floor to ceiling silk banners with bright red roses, hand painted by some of our talented GCSE Art students. The acting is equally as colourful and is being performed by our GCSE Drama students as part of their examination.

Featuring live classical guitar from Stephen Lewis Gilmore, flamboyant flamenco dancing from the Aola’s, beautiful singing from the ladies of the play and even some of the original Spanish; Dona Rosita is a delectable spoonful of Lorca’s cultural paella.

To book tickets call 01793 773981.


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