Thursday, 1 November 2007

Video Trailers for Plays

Dominic (our in-house professional actor) pointed me to the National Theatre website where they've started creating video trailers for their productions. I loved the idea and so have been working on some ideas for our shows. Next up is Lorca's Dona Rosita The Spinster performed by our GCSE students and directed by David Calder. It has a lot of poetry about the language of flowers and so I found this lovely video on youtube:

and so have set up a pink rose in a glass of water at home. I've been taking daily shots of it since Saturday, so watch this space to see how it turns out! I'm thinking it would be nice to splice in clips of the flower blooming and then dying, into a scene of Dona Rosita dancing and singing with her cousin, who then leaves her never to return. The flower then dies.

I've never attempted time lapse animation before so this could all go wrong...

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