Thursday, 8 November 2007

Various Bits & Pieces Today

So, the first thing that's been going on today is that we have Kaya Drums in with the music department. Alex in in for 2 days, so I shall pop across tomorrow and take some photos. Unfortunately I'll have to use my little point and shoot as the SLR is still incapacitated at home. Why won't this rose die? It's from a £3 Asda bunch and it just seems to keep on growing! In the mean time, here's a video clip of the Kaya boys doing their thing last year:

Also today, I've been modifying our mailing list and have added the recently found contacts of Frequency and The Ocelot... two free art & culture magazines distributed in the Wiltshire area. Hopefully they'll be able to add our events to their listings and help spread the word!

I've been trying to fix the RSS button on the top left of this page as well today. As I only started this blog on the first day of National Blog Posting Month I'm still tweaking it's function and appearance. I can now add the RSS feed via IE but not My Yahoo. If you have any suggestions, or are having a problem adding me to your RSS list (or not) please let me know! RSS is a little problem that has also arisen on the school site and so I'm still trying to sort that too. Sometimes all this technology can give me a bit of a headache... especially when I mostly have to teach myself. I am a firm believer in the Help button!

So, today has been a bit bitty. To add to the list I've been booked into film a local primary school's nativity play, which is always good fun, and have been requested to design and sales poster and CD cover for a French accents program. You've gotta love the variety!

For your evening enjoyment, watch this awesome groovy dancing girl, (I'm going to have to have a word with Rachel, our professional dance teacher, to see if she coach me.) (video first seen thanks to Electrolicious) and also make sure you check out the sounds of Mutlu, gratefully bought to my attention by Pete.

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