Tuesday, 6 November 2007


We have actually sold out of Houdini's Suitcase tickets now! I've been plastering the posters around school with lovely 'sold out' banners and it feels nice. Dik and Vicky were pleased to hear the good news and are in the theatre as we speak setting up. The performance area is filled with suitcases, but I still haven't seen any puppets... ooh, the anticipation!

I was just wondering if my recent attempt to get more GCSE Drama students in to watch productions has had any effect on the audience size?


What do you think? I know the typography needs work, but if you were a student would it get you to come and watch, or am I a little out of date with the Trainspotting reference? I hope not... I'm working on a 'tribute' to Resevoir Dogs for our next poster!

(Actually, I don't really think my poster has brought in the crowds. It's all down to Pickled Image being totally brilliant!)

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