Friday, 2 November 2007


I've just been adding links to my new (well, this is all new at the moment!) Bum's On Seats list on the left and have just added Nizlopi. You may remember these guys from their hit 'JCB Song', and if you thought they were just a one hit wonder then think again! They rightly decided to promote their own music rather than sell out and compromise anything.

I finally managed to get to see these wonderful chaps a few weeks ago at 12 Bar in Swindon and I'm sad to say that the venue wasn't even half full. These guys have completely sold out on the rest of their tour! Anyhoo, it was a top, top night. I first heard about them from a friend who said to me, 'Jen, have you ever heard a song that is so good you could cry?' Nizlopi are so good live I could cry. Proper goosebumps. They may even be the best band in the world (aside from the Foo's. Sorry Luke and John, but it IS Dave.)

So, check them out. They have plenty of clips of their tracks... Glastonbury is a current favourite of mine with *great* lyrics :o)They wander in to the crowd to play and it makes you feel like a part of it all. Very intimate and very very lovely.

Just lovely.

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