Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Stop motion Rose

I've spent the majority of today working on the mac. First of all I updated the banner for this site. The old one was a bit 'comic-ey', which isn't surprising seeing as I created it in Comic Life! I hope you like the new one, it's a bit more professional. The picture I used is actually taken from our tech desk... which is actually the best seat in the house!

I then spent the rest of the day filming and editing together the trailer for Dona Rosita. It is finished, but I'm not going to post it until tomorrow. Instead, see what you think about my stop motion rose clip which I have obviously used in the trailer, but which I am proud of in it's own right.


I'm sorry... I can't actually post it! I've been trying to upload the video all evening but youtube is having none of it. I can't keep trying as Heroes is about to start... I'll try again tomorrow.


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