Monday, 5 November 2007

Full House!

Well... nearly. We have four, just four tickets left for tomorrow nights performance of Houdini's Suitcase by Pickled Image. David's been getting the lighting rigged and Dominic's been hanging (yet more) curtains. I've ordered catering for the visiting company and have been organising the publicity for the next show, (Brittle Secrets,) to lay out for tomorrow's audience. We've sold last minute tickets and have been discussing layout possibilities for the auditorium to enable the best view for everyone. Staff have been calling to see if more tickets are available for their friends, and students have been excitedly talking about what sweets they are bringing.

Dominic and I have laughed about the idea of us both getting 1950's cinema attendants outfits and showing people to their seats with a torch. Of getting eau do popcorn to spray in the lobby and selling ice cream from a box hung round our neck. We've wondered how we can get hold of an old organ (and organ player) to entertain the audience before the curtain goes up, and indeed if there's anyway we can get David to fashion a gadget that would allow the organ to sink back into the floor before the show. All this to try and recreate the great atmosphere of the theatre, the excitement of the experience and to encourage our audience to come back! I don't think that we need to. It turns out that a bit of positive word of mouth and the promise of a great night of entertainment is all people need to part with £6 for a ticket.

Man, what a bargain. Tomorrow is going to be wicked.

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