Friday, 2 November 2007

Pickled Image

Just before the weekend starts we're gearing up for our next visiting theatre company, Pickled Image. I am SO excited about this performance! They came last year with The Chatterbox which was about a boy who had lost his grandfather. When looking in his shed for clues, he got sucked into this machine that transported him inside various story books. The characters were all different puppets, from a life sized Mr Wolf to a finger puppet Moby Dick! My personal favourite was Blofeld who first came on sat on a wheelchair stroking his cat, and then we could see him flying above stage in a remote control helicopter! Just brilliant!

Tuesday's show (6th November) is

On top of a towering pile of luggage an old man waits and remembers.
Mixing live performance, mask and puppetry Houdini's Suitcase is a visually rich and poetic treat for audiences over the age of 12.
This show has been specially commissioned by the Norland Visual Theatre, Stamsund, Norway.

Tickets are selling fast and we have a few left. Call me on 01793 773981 or email to reserve yours!

(I love puppets!)

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