Monday, 19 November 2007

Scatter Yourself

Today I've been doing some more research into using the web to promote your theatre... or venue.... or band.... or business! This is because one of the aims of this blog is to try and encourage cross-promotion of local arts organisations in Swindon and Wiltshire. An invaluable source for this research is Andrew Dubber's New Music Strategies where he has listed 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online. Now, I'm aiming to reach out to venues, promoters, distributors, bands, theatre companies etc and persuade them to take advantage of the benefits extended to us by the web. Obviously, Andrews list primarily talks about music online, but many of the points can apply to other areas of the arts.

The main point that jumped out at me was:

12. Distributed Identity: From a PR perspective, you are better off scattering yourself right across the internet, rather than staying put in one place. Memberships, profiles, comments, and networks are incredibly helpful.

I'm hoping that, with a little gentle persuasion from me, we can generate a habit of self-whoring, (thanks to Electrolicious for the term, and the link!) and cross-promotion to really create a buzz and a sense of community within the arts in Swindon. You can see I'm trying to start it off by highlighting Swindon and Wiltshire companies I have on my links to the left. Please email me with your company so I can add even more!

I shall end this on a similar note. Come and see Brittle Secrets by Lost Luggage Theatre Company, tomorrow night 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 adults and £5 students. If something has been recommended by Pickled Image, then you know it's going to be good!

20th November 2007
Tickets £6 adults, £5 students
This Bold and quirky take on the legend of Doctor Faustus looks at choices , lies, consequences and the lengths people go to conceal the truth. Brittle Secrets is a modern day tragedy.
Using live music,original text, visual storytelling and physical theatre, this unique all - female show is a gripping medley of fantasy, magic,and gritty reality. Brittle Secrets is a sensual, bewitching, dark and funny fairytale for the 21st century.

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