Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday, 19 March 2012

Guest Review: Suitcase Circus

On Thursday I watched Folded Feather produce a unique puppet show called Suitcase Circus performed by “some very talented rubbish!” (Their words not mine!)

There were only two men doing the show, one was the main puppeteer and the other played a variety of instruments to add to the atmosphere. Surprisingly, the ringmaster was a sock called Wobulous Discombobulous. He introduced most of the acts which included a dancing milkshake straw; the world’s only acrobatic potato sack; a singing teapot who sang a Kylie Minogue song badly; Limbardo, the tightrope walking Italian driving glove; Windsor Knot, the hypnotising snake and Timrek, a very sick frog!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Suitcase Circus. It was hilarious. My favourite act was a fearless daredevil ski glove called Dan Der Uras. He was shot out of a cannon and caught by a baseball glove. The puppeteer and the musician were world-class. If you get the opportunity to go and see Suitcase Circus, take it! - Alex Duffell

I have to say, I agree whole heartedly with Alex! Suitcase Circus was a delightful show, with a wide variety of creative puppets. It was quite amazing how two people can create tension from a glove with a baseball for a head, flying across the stage in slow motion! Most enjoyable. Thank you Folded Feather. We look forward to the next time!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the lovely Publick Transport in with their latest show, Discombobulated. PT's Artistic Director, Angus Barr, is a regular at Bradon Forest (having both performed with Gonzo Moose in the past, and toured the last three PT shows here) and on this occasion he was joined by the delightful Merce Ribot. The pair played members of airport security staff who were giving a demonstrative talk on security procedures and why they are important. After a brief and stern introduction from Malcom McClosky (Barr), the presentation quickly declined in to a competition between the two to either perform or inform the audience.

Varying dance routines, luggage tussles, flour fights, magic shows, Tommy Cooper impressions, Shakespeare excerpts and a role playing session led to the finale, which had to be seen to be believed. Somehow the two security officers end their presentation in an impromptu 'two man band' performance of Eternal Love... whilst covered in flashing lights... with confetti cannons. A brilliant bit of silliness, perfect for a Thursday evening!