Saturday, 3 November 2007

Top 5 All Time Favourite Live Bands

I don't know if you've spotted it, but the NaBloPoMo box on the left hand side indicates that I'm taking part in National Blog Posting Month. As I don't work weekends (unless there's a set to build) then I will have to find something else to post about. Inspired by my last mention of Nizlopi (and the fact that I've just rewatched High Fidelity)I thought I'd list my Top 5 All Time Favourite Live Bands (that I've seen live, or it just wouldn't count!)

#1 Foo Fighters
As I said before, you just can't beat Dave. I've been a fan since Monkey Wrench (and they just keep getting better... have you heard the new album?) but didn't get to see them live until the Isle of Wight Festival 2006. As expected they rocked out, but that show was topped 2 weeks later with their Hyde Park show. Oh My Word. I went with my pal Julie and we danced like we have never danced before. I keep expecting a video of us to pop up on youtube as more than one chap found us highly amusing and decided to video us. They played all my favourites... Stacked Actors (of which this blog is named after), The One, Cold Day IN The Sun, Times Like These... etc etc. Mr P and I then managed to catch them on our summer cycling holiday to Scotland when they played as part of the Fringe Festival. The highlight of the night was The Pretender and now I am just so excited (again) to be seieng them (again) in under 2 weeks! Dave and the chaps just know how to rock. They will charm you and then rock you like you've never been charmed and rocked before.

#2 Nizlopi
As you can see from the previous post, these guys are a must seen duo. My cheeks hurt from smiling all night at the wonderful, goose bump inducing music.

#3 Tenacious D
Vancouver, February 2007, a gig straight after which Mr P proposed :o) JB and KG know how to put on a show! I would probably liken it to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, had I ever seen it. Amazing live vocals and guitar work, and you can't get much better than the devil rocking out on stage... unless he's played by Dave Grohl (which he wasn't this time). If you grew up watching musicals around your grandparents house (which I did) then this is the live band for you. Pure entertainment :o)

#4 Take That
Don't judge me. You just can't knock a band that manage to create an amazing show with amazing dances when they are hitting 40. You've also got to give them credit for managing to make the entire Millenium Stadium scream like 14 year olds girls (when the audience was mostly women in their 20's & 30's.) I did warn you this list is comprised of bands I've seen!

#5 Rage Against The Machine (followed by The Prodigy, Reading '96)
This was a top show as it was my first taste of a music festival. I remember my mum taking me to school to pick up my GCSE results and then dropping me at the train station for a weekend of fun and frolics. RATM were on the Friday night, right before The Prodigy) and me and my boyfriend at the time were super excited. We'd gone with a load of his friends from college and they'd gone along to see Ian Brown (of Stone Roses) on the Sunday, where as for us, Friday was the night. I remember feeling incrediby sick with excitement waiting for them to come on. I was sixteen and in the biggest metal crowd I could imagine, as close to the front as I dared. They did not disapoint and I recall my neck aching for days afterwards. Rock and roll baby! To add to the sweetness, the college friends who had spent the rest of the weekend mocking Zach De La Rocha's political ranting, came back early from Ian Brown on the Sunday as he was so badly out of tune. What a shame.

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