Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Festival updates

There are only 15 more days to go until the first ever Big Top Festival! Make sure you get hold of your tickets before they sell out... festival passes are available from only £22!

Click on the swishy new flyer on the right to enlarge. They have been especially designed by none other than Callum Barrett from CB Design... hasn't he done an amazing job? We're really grateful to him for taking the time out to work on us for this exciting project.

Detailed on the inside pages are all the high profile events, but makes ure you check out the back page for the full line-up. There are so many shows you just won't want to miss!

Also, make sure you stop by the website for information on all the participating performers... there's so much going on and it's all on your doorstop!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Is it June already?

Oh my... what, really? Where did that time go? Planning the best festival ever is where it went! Well, OK... perhaps not the best festival ever. Reading '96 was a pretty good one... but can I go as so far as to say the best festival in a school ever?

Check out the Big Top Festival website for lots of new updates and the finalised line-up. There is so much to go and see over the weekend and you can do it all for only £22 for a festival pass! Now... can we say the best value festival ever? Oh yeah! Except maybe the free ones... they're pretty good value. But then normally have the big cheeses supporting them, like Radio 1.

Anyway... back to the Big Top. Check it out and get yourself a ticket! I can personally recommend The Little Prince, the Music Evening and DO NOT MISS Circomedia! See? If you're coming to see at least those three shows, you may as well buy a festival pass and come and see it all!

The Big Top Festival poster