Saturday, 10 November 2007

Rose Progress

Well, it's the weekend once again! Being Saturday, I'm taking advantage of the lazy morning and watching Napoleon Dynamite. It's funny, but I wasn't going to mention the problems I've been having with my macbook, but I was searching google images for a picture of Napoleon to illustrate this entry and I found this one:

I've been pretty happy with my macbook for the last year, actually really happy, but it went in 5 weeks ago to have the headphone socket repaired and after 3 weeks (3 weeks!) it came back and just kept crashing. It then went in for another 2 weeks and they replaced the logic board. I picked it up yesterday and all was working well... for about 10 minutes. It now just keeps randomly shutting down Safari and so I've had to resort back to my PC to do today's entry. Grrr!
Anyway, back to the Rose update. As you may know I've been taking a few photos of a rose everyday until it dies (will it die?) so that I can animate it together for a trailer for our next Bradon Forest show, Dona Rosita. The rest of the bunch has been in a vase on my fireplace and they're pretty much finished now. However, the one flower that I picked out is just still going! I think I know what the problem is, but it's too late now! I'll give a full report on my project once the film is made and then you will see any mistakes I made! For now, I'm just trying to speed things up, so I have a fan heater situated near the rose in question in the hope that it will help the petals to bloom a little.
We shall see.

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