Sunday, 25 November 2007

Reservoir Romeo

There's been a lot more Guitar Hero today, so it's just going to be a short post to say I hope Dominic's cast for Capulets & Montagues have done their homework. We showed them a work-in-progress example of the poster for their show and they didn't get that it was a rip off of Reservoir Dogs. One of them commented that I should have removed the bins in the background! I don't know... I'm not expecting any of them to have seen it, it is rated 18, but it's a classic movie image... like the poster from Scarface or Star Wars! Well, their homework was to google it. Here's the original:               

and below is the work in progress. I've got some work to do on it as I've just been playing with the layout for the poster. I also suspect that we'll re-shoot as Dominic likes the use of the mask (he's using them in the performance) but I didn't get the right shot with both of them wearing them, as you can see this one is from a higher angle and I don't like it as much.

As a bit of an inside joke we had one of the cast members (not one of the principals) standing over Dominic, as he'd been constantly hounding the director for his copy of the script.

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