Friday, 23 November 2007

Dona Rosita... the trailer

So, here it is! The finished trailer. It's been a good learning experience for me and there are a few points that I can improve on for next time.

  • Better planning - I just had a rough idea of what elements I wanted to include. I need to plan out each screen shot so that I can better direct the actors. (There's an amusing out take clip of my shoddy directing attempt which I may post at a later date :o) )
  • Communication - I need to be clearer on my directions. There's a close-up of Dona Rosita's feet dancing, but the dress is too long and so you can't see her feet properly.
  • Colours - if I was to re-shoot I'd use a red rose to match the skirt... or choose a lighter, floatier skirt to match the feeling of the flower sections. Although, the contrast of the two elements could illustrate the harshness of Rosita's situation; with the softness of the flower representing her youth and beauty, and then the stark black background with bold red skirt representing the cruel position she is left in when her cousin deserts her, I think that the imagery of the flower blooming and then dying better expresses the emotion of the play.
I've found some great short films on youtube posted by the Vancouver Film School which I'm currently having a fish through for inspiration. If you have any criticisms or tips for me then please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you!

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