Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Oliver's Bronze Arts Awards Review

Suitcase Circus Review

The Suitcase Circus. What is the Suitcase Circus? Well… It is rubbish… rubbish… rubbish… very talented rubbish that is definitely worth watching. At the small price of £6.50 for an adult and £5.50 for a child I could not resist the opportunity! So on the 15th of May My Mum and I went down to Bradon Forest School in Swindon to see the show, and we were in for a surprise. The crazy compare of the circus was a wacky sock puppet called Wobulous Discombobulous, joining him was a whole range of exiting characters, each with its own story to tell. There is a dancing milkshake straw, the world’s first acrobatic potato sack, two old shoes, one of which is obsessed with his memoirs and many more characters that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Earlier on this year I went to see the show Discombobulated. Discombobulated was a comedy like Suitcase Circus by in my opinion, Suitcase circus was the better performance of the two because even though Discombobulated was creative, Suitcase Circus had the best ideas and implemented them more cleverly.

On the whole the Suitcase Circus was a very good show that is suitable for all ages and is fun for the whole family. It is a must see! It’s clever jokes and no-forgettable characters make this show one of the best I have ever seen.


fleur said...

I think the review was good because he compared it to another show so it would make suitcase circus look more appealing.

Georgia said...

This is a really good review, as he made it his own my making it like a diary and it made me want to read on from the rhetorical questions and humour came through aswell.

Ania said...

The humour and personal opinions really come through in this review and it is kept short and snappy which makes me want to read on and see the play again.

Bradley said...

This review is because you compared to theatre show and put your own oppinion on it.

Emily said...

This review is great because you have been into a lot of detail on the show and what it is about