Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Georgia's Bronze Arts Award Review


The play was based on an airport with the security being the characters. It was set at the hand luggage department and the play was showing what the securities think and do at the airport. However this was changed throughout the play, as it became more comical and entertaining, as there were musical numbers and many dance pieces in parts of it.

The play was announced as a comedy and it certainly was! The humour was for teenagers but also for adults, which was the interesting thing I enjoyed it. There was a scene where one of the characters swore at the other character and it gave a big shock to the audience but made them laugh a lot. The thing I enjoyed most about the play was definitely the humour but the way they carried it on with throughout the whole of the play. Another thing that I enjoyed about it was that there were only two characters in the play. This made the play more impressive towards the audience.

The only thing I would say that I didn’t like about the play would probably be the fact that I could see things coming and some things were obvious with what was going to happen. This made the play disappointing but I still found it funny.

As I have not seen many plays, I think I have definitely learnt something from the experience, this would be to involve the audience much more as it was used through the whole play. It has helped me because I never involve the audience in some of the task I do in my drama classes and clubs I have been to, so this has been a good help and improvement in my drama.

There was a lot of normal music in the play, like the type of sounds you would hear in a normal day. For example: Birds singing, wind in the air/breezing and tunes that didn’t have much tone in them. The lighting was interesting as they used a range of types. They used many different colours, spotlights, and a blue dimmed light was used in many of the scenes. One of the scenes had very stormy sound/ music involved, it also had flashing lights to suggest lighting, Throughout the play I realized that the stage became more crowded and nothing was being cleared up. I think this was a good feature as at the end there was a song and everything calmed down and the tension was gone.

If I had to give the play a star rating it would definitely be a five star as it had hilarious scenes and there wasn’t any parts of the play that the audience wasn’t laughing or had a smile on there face.


fleur said...

I think this is a good review because georgia commented on a lot of things like lighting and acting.
She also wrote what she learnt about it which shows that she paid attention to the play.

Ania said...

This review allows shows how many things can be learnt from just watching a play, as it doesn;t only give straight forward opinions but it also shows how important lighting and music are to increase the effect in the audience. I agree with the opinions too.

Bradley said...

This review is good because you have explained in detail what the play was about.

Emily said...

This review gives both positive feedback on the play and also negative feedback too and that's what makes it so interesting to read :)