Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bradley's Silver Arts Award Review

I watched Discombobulated at Bradon Forest Theatre, directed by Aitor Basauri and preformed by Angus Barr and Merce Ribot (Publick Transport).

It was a fantastic comedy performance about safety awareness at an airport and they turned the boring subject into a funky, funny play.

My absolute favourite part of the play was when they were doing the strip search and Merce Ribot got carried away and started to do a striptease.

It was a great experience to watch and be there it was directed and performed amazingly and it has taught me a lot more about drama because I used to think that drama always had to be serious, but the way they performed showed be that you should have fun with a piece of drama.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone it was brilliant it also was good family comedy and if I had the chance I would watch it again.


fleur said...

I think that this is a good review on discombobulated. I agree with the comments, I also thought that it was a very funny performance.

Ania said...

I totally agree with your opinions-just like you, I loved the play and I would definately recommene it!

Kirsten said...

You have shown all the plus sides to this piece of theater and done it justice. Judging by your review it is definitely something i would go to watch.