Monday, 14 May 2012

Emily's Bronze Arts Award Review

Bristol Fashion Week

I went to Bristol Fashion Week on Sunday 25th March 2012 at 3:00pm, Cribbs Causeway. The show consisted of the top fashions found in the shops like John Lewis, JD Sports, French Connection, Marks & Spencer, Clive Ranger, Bank, Gap Kids, Claire’s, Radley, Monsoon, BHS, Hush Puppies, Ernest Jones, Coast, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, Timberland, Next, kids outfits from The Disney Store and many more. I thought that the show was really entertaining and I learnt a lot about all the new styles in 2012 and I loved all the outfits shown. I especially liked the Festival Clothes and the African Themed outfits. The fact that I had a good seat made it better too because I could really see how detailed all the outfits where. I really like how all the models didn’t just walk around because they danced, sang and did a bit of acting whilst modelling the clothes. The only thing I didn’t like about the fashion show was that there was a lot of waiting around at the start to go in but I guess that it can’t really be helped as there were other shows earlier that day. So to improve maybe next time they could spread all the shows over a couple of days.


fleur said...

I think that this is a good review because a fashion show is quite hard to write about.
I think the fashion show sounds really good as it wasn't just about posing it also had singing and dancing I really wish I saw this.

Georgia said...

This is a really good review as she has shown what she learnt and she has included the things that she liked and some of the things that she didnt like.

Ania said...

I like the way the opinions were presented, considering both dood and bad aspects of the show. I have never been to a fshion show, but I think I would enjoy it if it turned out like the one described here.

Bradley said...

This review has a lot of infomation and the review is explained in detail i really wish I went.