Thursday, 20 November 2008

Tonight's show: The Fire Starter

We still have a few tickets left for tonight's show, The Fire Starter by Big State Theatre company.

Throw off your corsets here - comes the Arch Druid!

Defying injustice and law, challenging orthodox religion, questioning the morality of the puritans and dancing naked through fields trilling on his flute, nothing will ever be the same again in this tiny Welsh village.

Based on the life of Dr. William Price, Big State Theatre take their comic imagination and multi-character style back to the repression of Victorian times and unleash a unique and amazing individual.

The Fire Starter was devised in 4 weeks by the cast and the director, with assistance from Andy Burden, and is based on the life of Dr William Price (1800-1893). The Fire Starter was created with the support of Southern and South East Arts, West Wiltshire District Council and Heaven Scent Incense.

Doors open at 7.15 and tickets are £6 for adults and £5 students.

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