Thursday, 27 November 2008

Guest Blogger - Premiere's and German Pies

"Wow - What a week! It's been preview week this week. We opened the show to our first audience who was a group of invited teachers and partners. They loved it. I know it's a good play and a very well written comedy but I had no idea that it would be received as well as it is. We've sold out every night this week and there are talks of them putting more shows into the run due to tickets being sold so quickly in advance!
The one thing that I cannot get over is that German audiences are CRAZY! I've never experienced anything like it. They shout, they scream, call things out, clap loud and hard mid sentence, and generally have a really good time. The only thing I can describe it as being like is a adult panto audience. Also, we're currently doing 11 curtain calls! And they clap hard and cheer right until the house lights come up!
Our director isn't a man of many words but I think he's proud of us and his show. He comes backstage every night and congratulates us, and gives us any feedback he has overheard in the foyer or the English Theatre Bar, yesterday he came back with a massive smile and just said a group of people kept saying how funny and brilliant it was - can't argue with that I guess!
It's our official premiere tonight, and I believe the press are in as well. After the show we have a bit of a swaray, It's an open bar and we have to "mingle" with the friends and sponsors of the theatre. I've also been told to dress "tizzy." Not sure what that means but I'm hoping my cowboy boots, top hat and sequin shirt will cover it. ( thought I should cover all bases )
As it's our Premiere tonight so I ventured into the local hair dressers this morning. my, my. What an experience. Armed with my little phrase book ( care of the Bradon Forest Theatre staff ) and my head shot downloaded onto my phone I kindly explained to the man I would like a trim, just a little taken off and I wanted to look like this (Showing him my photo). I knew he wasn't listening to me, or looking at my photo as I think his wife was waiting for him, but he sat me down infront of the mirror and wandered off. So I waited for one of the nice, young German ladies to come over, and started preparing for a second bash at my "At the Hair Dresses" section in my book. Suddenly, A BIG German man came over, didn't even make eye contact, grabbed a cut-throat razor from the shelf and headed straight towards me. As I closed my eyes I knew my time had come and soon I would in next doors basement being made into some kind of dodgy German pie.
But...alas! He didn't kill me, he just wanted to trim my sideburns. I did try to explain that I wanted it messy on top but he could see I was English, didn't speak a second language and had a professional photo of myself on a BlackBerry. All the things that would imply I was a muppet. So the fact I wanted a number 2 around the back and sides and choppy on top was the very least of his concerns.
So, 10 euros lighter I left looking like I was about to join the SS, but thank full I was still alive!
I hope this Premiere is worth it! Free bar eh? Don perignon all round!
I shall let you know..."

(emailed from Dominic Waldron)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of directors, we miss ours!

Hope the German public are treating you well. Sounds like they are. Very envious of the open bar!

Everyone here misses your banter and quiet efficiency. Have a fab run.

Julia M

Anonymous said...

So if the show is sold out does that mean we can't get any tickets?

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun and things are going really well.

Any chance you might be able to go ski-ing, as I hear the snow report is very good for this year, or do you need to be careful you don't break your leg literally?

Take care
Al x

Anonymous said...

LOL, Dominic you have made me chuckle and visualize vividly what you are experiencing!

Moreover CONGRATULATIONS! I'm thrilled the show is a complete sell out, it sounds amazing!

Keep up the good work… keep up the bizarre antics… keep up the great blogs!

Missing you!

Claire and Andy

Anonymous said...

Chin up soldier, at least it wasn't a mullet! Enjoy and have a brilliant time. Don't forget to sample the fantastic German wine - it is amazingly good, promise!!!


Wilyone said...

Yeah yeah yeah. What we really want to know is have you shot down any Fraulines yet?


I hope they are making you wear tigths, and they itch you thesbian. Cheers,

Nick D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr W!

Glad to hear all is going well and you survived your haircut....Have a brilliant run with the show,

All the best

Mrs C.