Friday, 21 November 2008

Guest Blogger: Hamburg Tech Runs three weeks of rehearsal are up. I've found this last week of tech runs and dress rehearsals really different to what I'm used to. With all the other stage productions I have been involved with as the first performance gets nearer and nearer I've always found myself at the theatre more and more, but with this I'm here less and less.

For the past week our call time at the theatre has been 18:30. We put our costumes on, the Crew fix the set and props, we run it once, then we all go home. I feel like I should be doing more, but the director is saying he is happy so I can't argue with that!

Last dress rehearsal tonight, and to be honest I'm a little nervous. I guess tonight I get to find out if this process does work or not, everyone else is just exited about it and looking forward to performing to audiences so I'm sure it must do! Another thing I've never had before is a day off before the opening night. Not sure what I'm going to do with mine. Go to the park down the road with the script I think. Make sure I know my scenes almost backwards!

I have a very busy week next week.
Sunday is a Preview Night. This is for a small, invited audience of English Teachers for Colleges and Universities. They watch the play and decide if it's suitable for them to bring their English class to. Monday is for last minute rehearsals and costume fittings, etc, ( if needed ). Then from Monday to Wednesday we have the other preview nights. For Guests and friends of the theatre, press, etc. Then Thursday night we have our Premiere! After Thursday we then go into eight shows a week and the run begins!

(Emailed from Dominic)

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