Monday, 10 November 2008

Guest Blogger - Dominic Waldron

Dominic Waldron, our trusted theatre technician, has left us for a few months for a Germanic adventure. His valued directorial skills, and assistance with the GCSE students will be greatly missed as he treads the boards of the English Theatre of Hamburg, playing the part of Gavin in ‘Caught in the Net’. If you fancy a weekend away in the stylish European city, then make sure you stop by and catch him ‘in the act’. I’m sure it’s a show worth seeing!

Gavin, I mean Dominic, has kindly agreed to blog about his experiences at the English Theatre. Hopefully we’ll be hearing about what it’s like to live in another country, as well as his rehearsal and performance experiences! He will be performing 8 shows a week and it will be pretty intensive. So, if you want to be an actor and are interested in the learning experience... stay tuned for Eight Days A Week! (Just click on his photo on the left for all his entries.)

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