Friday, 24 October 2008

School for Scandal

I've just finished the poster for School for Scandal. The play by Richard Sheridan is being directed by Alison McCallum as part of the C18 Farce Week at Bradon Forest. David Calder directs Carlo Goldoni's 'Venetian Twins' which will also show that week. 

The image was the brain child of Miss McCallum, as she is going for a 60's theme for the play and wanted to mimic the famous 1960's image of Christine Keeler. She was inspired after she saw Patsy Kensit striking a similar pose on the cover of Radio Times. The play is all about scandal, so we thought that we could use paparazzi style photos throughout, and to set the scene, I created a 60's styled magazine cover for the poster - to link back to the original spot in Radio Times!

We're quite pleased with this one. What do you think?

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