Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Longest Day: Could a class of college students survive without iPods, cellphones, computers and TV from one sunrise to the next?

Another student apparently did not see the irony in this statement: "I felt like I would be wasting my time doing the project. I did not want to give up my daily schedule, which mainly includes lying on my couch, watching television and playing The Sims2 -- a [life simulator] computer game."

Interestingly, reading this article made me think of a recent conversation we had with some friends who have younger children. They've recently introduced 'Free Play' for their son and daughter (5 & 8). Free Play is basically when their kids can play as much as they like, but they cannot use the laptop, TV, DVD's, xbox, DS's etc. They apparently didn't like the concept and so their parents had to apply some distraction techniques to get them interested! It just shows how reliant children these days can be on technology to have fun. Contrastingly, at the weekend one of the family gerbils was killed tragically in a confrontation with the neighbour's cat. When our friends came down the next morning, son & daughter were sat at the kitchen table drawing and writing poems in memory of their beloved Batman.

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