Thursday, 23 October 2008

Next time lapse project

Some of you may remember my previous attempts at animation, well I have another project in mind. I've been perusing over the previously mentioned Stop Motion Animation site and also some tips from Videomaker, and so have jotted down some summary notes to remember before I start the next one:

  • try and set the camera into manual focus so that it doesn't get distracted with everything moving around
  • lock down the tripod completely as any movement will potentially make the footage unwatchable
  • if possible, turn the mic off (I don't think I can do this, but I have the option of removing sound at the editing stage and adding a soundtrack)
  • calculate the required shooting time for the length of film I want (for my project, the length of shooting time will depend on the projects length. I will have to bear in mind that film shows 30 frames per second though)
  • there is the option of 'in camera' preparation or 'post-production' animation. 
I still have some research to do on the matter, but at the moment I think I can get away with post-production techniques for the desired effect. I will reveal more when the project is underway (11th November, if that gives anything away!).

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