Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What are you doing next Tuesday?

Why not come and enjoy the opening performance for the 2010/2011 season at The Bradon Forest Theatre! You're in for a real treat... Mario Pirovano, Dario Fo's long term associate, performs Francis the Holy Jester, a one man show fresh from Edinburgh festival. The Stage writes;
"...Pirovano delivers Fo's characteristically folksy monologues about Francis of Assisi with a verve and informality that closely resemble Fo's own performance style."
When else would you get to see the work of one of the worlds greatest playwrites up close and personal in our 100 seat theatre?!
"Pirovano performs with enthusiasm and high energy, accompanying every line with movements, facial expressions or gestures that sometimes approach the manic style of Robin Williams but that, like his stories, are rendered friendly and unthreatening by his obvious pleasure in sharing with us."
With ticket prices at only £5 for students and £6 for adults, you can't afford to miss it!

Call me now on 01793 773981 or email over your booking. See you next week!

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