Thursday, 30 September 2010

We'll be finding it for weeks!

Some people were surprised by the amount of confetti this show produced. I even clocked a few knowing glances from audience members considering our clear up operation. Frank and Dave (cameo and sound guy) seemed to have this down to a fine art though! When I first heard that Frank likes to recycle his confetti I was impressed by his eco-friendliness. It then became apparent why... a lot of the confetti had been diligently created by hole punching many different colours of paper! A process I am familiar with thanks to my Dad's suggestion for the 1990 play-off final between Swindon Town and Sunderland. We did have the finest looking red and white confetti though so I recommend spending the time to do it properly. However if, like our dear Confetti Maker, you do this job for a living, it may well drive you a little crazy.

I really enjoyed watching a day in the life of 'Frank', who spiced up his monotonous and painstaking task of creating different types of confetti, with humorous impressions and tomfoolery that kept the audience laughing. I personally took great delight in watching his lunch break, where he slowly 'killed' his croissant before filling it with confetti shreds. He then proceeded to talk and munch his way through a huge pile of paper - well, he is 'allowed to eat as much as he wants!' You had to try and work out what he was saying from the odd audible word. Something that I've become quite good at as it's a favourite trick of my husbands whilst he's cleaning his teeth. "Mumblemumblemumbleandtheelephantsaid...mumblemumble."

Frank's delightful and kooky character really captivated us which is why it was such a surprising contrast when he flipped out. How anyone can create such a realistic puppet from a roll of wallpaper is beyond me, but Frank's desire to have a life beyond the factory was quite emotional. After destroying the set, covering everyone in confetti and the ripping the head off his 'paper wife'... "we'd tear each other to pieces", Frank resigned himself to his fate. After all, he does get Sunday afternoon off entirely.

An unconventional and quirky performance that left me not only smiling, but wondering whether Frank would be my friend.

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