Thursday, 9 September 2010

Do you remember Green Eyed Zero?

You may remember this exciting and creative company when they came to the Bradon Forest Theatre with In The Shadow of Picture Frames. We all loved their delightful heartfelt piece which combined creative physical imagery and the a use of new media and technology. It looks as if they've taken the next piece a step further...
"Ground-breaking multi-touch screen technology has been developed especially for this performance to allow performer and set to become intrinsically one, where the real and unreal combine in a feast for the mind.

By simply touching the screen with any part of their body or any object, the performers can directly interact with the screen in real-time while on stage. Manipulating images, videos or virtual objects, they create unique digital landscapes and animations enhancing the visual impact of the imagery created.

This is a unique feature that has never been used in performance before making it a huge development for performance arts."

How cool does that sound? If we don't manage to get Green Eyed Zero back at Bradon Forest then I'll let you know of their tour dates as soon as they've posted them. This is a company not to miss!

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