Friday, 5 February 2010

Interested in the 'most terrifying theatre experience in the world'?

The Wyvern Theatre  are offering workshops in conjunction with their forthcoming performances of The Woman in Black.

The details are as follows. Please note they can only run them if they get enough interest.
  • The workshop will focus on how Susan Hill's best-loved novel has been translated to the stage; exploring the creative vision, the rehearsal process and performance, design, use of sound, staging and visual elements of the production.
  • Suitable for students studying English or Drama at GCSE or A / AS Level.
  • Date: prior to the midweek matinee, Wednesday 25th March (finishing 90mins prior to the performance)
  • Cost: £3 per student (plus the cost of a performance ticket).
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Capacity: min 30 students
  • Location: at the theatre - in the auditorium
Contact Curtis Fulcher if you are interested and mention that you heard about it from me :O)

Group discounts are also available for the shows.

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