Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Ever wondered what the Russian Mail Order Bride story would look like on stage?

Well here's your chance to find out! We've provisionally booked Pin The Tail theatre company for the Autumn 2010 season, with their two play evening, Catch and Skolka.

Catch: Lonely hearts failed, exhausted. Spralsey and Alan are sitting by the pond, waiting for their perfect catch. When assures that Russian beauties are excellent wife material the men are hooked. It soon becomes clear that emailing, phoning and chatting just aren’t enough and the men go on a mission to Moscow to be touched by the perfect one.  But can they meet the ultimate solution to end their profound loneliness?

Skolka: Two Russian women, two blossoming dreams, two plans for escape. For Mila and Svetlana our Western world is a fairy tale. They meet as strangers with one common goal - to get the hell out of Moscow. It soon becomes clear why they want to get out of Russia. The women embark on a venture to find an escape route to the West. But will they ever be rescued by their night in shining armour? Does the fairy tale life actually exist?

Sounds good, eh? Keep an eye on the website and I'll let you know when we confirm a date.


Jessica Harper said...

Hello Stacked Actors!
Haven't been on in a while! Just thought I would nip over and say hi! :-)


Jennifer Purcell said...

Hey Jessica! Don't know if you've considered stage acting but it might be worth a trip to see these ladies. Let me know :o)

Jessica Harper said...

Hello Jenny! Blimey! Only just got this comment message and you sent it a while back! grrr! I do do alot of stage acting too :-)
Must remember to clikc email follow up comments! haha!