Thursday, 4 February 2010

Guest Entry: The Dacoits!

"As 2009 rapidly disappears into the distance and we hurtle headlong into the second month of 2010, it seems like the perfect time for a Dacoits update.  After December saw us heading our separate ways to the exotic climes of India, Germany and Marlborough, the five Dacoits have finally recombined, Power Rangers style.  Admittedly it's looking a lot less like a giant robot duking it out with a big squid thing whilst casually bowling over polystyrene tower blocks, and more like five people in a multitude of jumpers trying to remember how to play their instruments in a rehearsal room with no heating.

Rest assured though, plans are afoot.  We're hoping to welcome in the lighter nights with our first show of 2010 at one of my favourite places, The Victoria in Swindon on the 4th of Feb.  After spending a little too much time supping real ale and swearing extensively at the quiz machine of said pub over the Christmas period it will be nice to take to the stage again.  Not only that but we'll be joining the ever fantastic Matilda and Matthew Kilford in a line-up specially tailored to shake you out of those winter blues and throw you lovingly into the welcoming arms of Spring.

In other exciting news we're playing our first Bristol gig on the 26th of Feb, news which should have put an excitable glimpse of recognition on the faces of all you fans of calendars out there, as it's a Friday night.  Excited is right.

And to top it all off we'll be returning to Marlborough rock city on the 27th March when we play at The Bear.  Although we can't confirm that there will actually be any bears in attendance (unlikely, as most bears tend to party hardest on Friday), sharp eyed fans of The Dacoits will already know of our love and respect for these noble animals,  so playing at a venue named after one will be a definite highlight in this year’s gig diary.  Plus Marlborough is cool.

That's just three gigs and I feel like I've written too much already.  As, I should imagine, do you.  And I haven't even touched upon Pete’s plans to team up with Tinchy Stryder in controversial a bid to snatch up this year’s Christmas number one.

Maybe next time."


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Jennifer Purcell said...

I've just tracked back to a really old post about Swindon bands... I think I should now add Dacoits and The Shudders to that list... talking of which - Tim, where are those old Infidel's recordings you promised me?