Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Review: Mary Theresa's Cupboard

 Just in from Purton Today:

The first thing to say is that the sheer quality of the acting by these teenagers on a cast of thirty, carried complete conviction. It is invidious to name names of so large and accomplished a cast, but Annayah Prosser as the bad tempered Polly, daughter of a well-to-do family, Harley Viveash as the estate agent and Kelly Norman as Santa’s Little Helper, did stand out from a very accomplished cast.
The play is simple and uncommonly forceful. It is really a morality play, with a Bank Manager (Anna Meares) in a land of broken dreams keeping customers accounts in terms of credits for good deeds and debits for band ones, and reminding them when overdrawn.
How a cast and production team of well over thirty teenagers can be rehearsed, drilled and encouraged to stage such a remarkably moving production speaks volumes for the inspired dedication of David Calder, the play’s author and director. I came away feeling I had received more instruction on moral issues in a single evening than in years of Sunday sermons.
The presence of yellow, safety helmeted workmen who shifted the props was a deft touch, but the play was full of such deft touches, often hilariously witty. I came away from those school buildings with transience written all over them, feeling warmed, inspired and uplifted. David Calder should feel proud of the gifted enthusiastic support of his young cast.
 - John Papworth

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