Friday, 29 January 2010

Don't miss out!

Just a reminder that Matt Pang and PanGottic Theatre Company are in tonight with Full Twist. They are setting up as we speak and it's set to be an excellent show. There are still a few tickets left at the cheap old price of £5 for students and £6 for adults. Get in touch if you'd like one reserved!

Stretching the boundaries between circus and physical theatre Full Twist is a witty tale of lust and love full of pathos and hilarity, poetics and absurdity, where the audience is taken through the life of a colourful couple stumbling into love from the very first date, right through to marriage and babies.

But this tale has more to it, in contrast to the slightly exaggerated, wacky clownish couple, there are two other, more naïve, clumsy, intimate characters (played with large masks), and in this warm-hearted sub-plot, they too are making their own quirky journey through romance, finding love over rubber gloves. These beautifully crafted love stories are told with no words, through strong physical and visual elements.

This is a fast paced, up-beat piece of circus-theatre and physical comedy, reminiscent of a silent comedy film, which combines an unusual, yet complimentary, mix of mask and contemporary clowning with the thrills of circus. It’s a romantic comedy like no other where you can expect to see everything from smashing glass to heart dropping, and controversial baby juggling.

You will find yourself carried away in this playful world of unexpected cynical twists and slick choreographed object manipulation. By using high energy physical routines, visual trickery, surprising audience participation and more than a few surprises, PanGottic present this engaging, innovative and exciting spectacle - Full Twist.

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