Monday, 30 November 2009

'Worth seeing for the Estate Agent scene alone!'

I've just sat through the first dress rehearsal for Mary Theresa's Cupboard, and I have to tell you... it looks fantastic! They are still ironing out a few creases but it will be ready to rumble for Wednesday night.

I urge you all to come and spend the evening with us. If you've never been to the Bradon Forest Theatre before, make this your first experience and get yourself in the Christmas spirit at the same time! It is December 1st tomorrow after all!

If you like Alice in Wonderland or A Christmas Carol, then you will LOVE this show. The students have worked so hard on it and you won't believe that they've created it themselves. We have a talented bunch here! Bring your friends and family with you... they'll only feel bad if you go home raving about this amazing show, and you wouldn't want that so close to Christmas now, would you?

Mary Theresa's Cupboard
Wednesday 2 - Friday 4 December
Tickets: £4 adults, £3 students

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