Monday, 2 November 2009

"A macabre and hilarious piece of physical theatre"

Phew! That was close... I almost didn't make it make after the half term break! I had a slight altercation with Jaws and well... I know it's just been Halloween, but I'll just assume you don't want to hear the gory details! Needless to say I just about survived and am back safe and sound... which is good news, otherwise I'd miss all of the great shows we have coming up!

Talking of which, the next show is only just over a week away!

Marie-Louise presents a double bill of high-class physical theatre & dance:

"A guaranteed 'good night out' that will appeal to a wide audience of theatre-goers, film-buffs, book lovers and culture-vultures alike."
A macabre and hilarious piece of physical theatre, 'Limelight & Lunacy' explores the attitudes and standards of late 19th century society, when desires were forced into hiding, beneath and fa├žade of etiquette and decorum. This group piece centres around the relationships between four hapless vaudeville performers, who gradually lose the plot in a world of music hall madness.

'Better Red Than Dead' uncovers the themes and metaphors within the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood. We reveal the sexual tension between Red and Wolf as both fall prey to animal instinct and we revel in the fear of both the unknown and the inevitable. Prepare those peepers for a feasting in this piece of highly inventive dance theatre.

Showing Wednesday 11th November at 7.30pm. Tickets are just £5 for students and £6 for adults. Call me on 01793 773981 to reserve yours today!

Right, now I'm just going to have to go and re-dress these wounds...

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