Monday, 19 January 2009

Guardian Theatre Blog Link: "Curtains for theatre programmes?"

I've just been catching up on the Guardian Theatre Blog and there was an interesting article on theatre programmes and whether or not they have had their day. For me, when I got to go to the theatre when I was growing up, the programme was always a treasured keepsake from the evening, and the Phantom of the Opera was safeguarded with the same prestige as my Take That programmes... OK, maybe not that much prestige! I agree with Michael Billington in that the programme has indeed improved over time with higher quality (and quantity) content, but I am afraid that they are often too expensive to buy. I am no longer of the age where I have to keep tokens from every night out. (Although I do admit that my Foo Fighter's tickets are kept safe!) However, I do like the idea of providing more information about a show;

"Scanning the programme for the recent RSC Hamlet starring David Tennant, I discover a week-by-week rehearsal log which illumines the meticulous preparation that went into Greg Doran's production. And, looking at the programme for the National Theatre's Oedipus, I find not just informative articles by Edith Hall and Sally Vickers, but a helpful family tree of the House of Laius, and an Ingres painting and a Cavafy poem that open up lines of enquiry."
I'm going to explore the idea of creating more of a background, and therefore more of an atmosphere, leading up to a new play. Perhaps something like the marketing behind Cloverfield... but on a much smaller scale! Watch this space...

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