Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Guest Review: Grimm and Grimmer

This morning I had the pleasure of opening an email from Mrs Duffell, parent to a very talented young man from Lydiard Millicent Primary School called Alex, who was so enamoured by the Gonzo Moose show that he wrote this excellent review:

On Thursday night Mummy took me to see Grimm and Grimmer at the Bradon Forest theatre. The play was performed by a theatre company called Gonzo Moose. Although there were only three actors there were over ten characters in the play.

The story was based on the fairytales written by the Grimm brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm. It starts when their sister, Lottie, discovers that they got all their stories from Rumplestiltskin in return for a human heart. They decide whose heart it will be by playing rock, paper, scissors. Wilhelm is the unlucky one so Rumplestiltskin places a clock on his heart. When the clock stops Wilhelm will die. Lottie wants to save her brother and travels to the fairytale kingdom in search of Rumplestiltskin. Along the way she meets some interesting characters including a mime prince and a bourbon eating bear. When she meets Rumplestiltskin he isn’t actually that scary and she kills him in a fight. She returns home with the key to her brother’s heart. Jacob then operates on Wilhelm winding the heart up and removing the clock. Wilhelm lost a lot of blood in the process. After the clock struck midnight he was still alive. Lottie went back to the fairytale kingdom and married the mime prince. They lived in a mime palace with their many mime children.

I really enjoyed it and would recommend Gonzo Moose to anyone. My favourite moment was when the wolf thought Lottie was Little Red Riding Hood and crept up behind her only to say “Sorry I thought you were someone else!” The special effects were fabulous with snow and very realistic blood! This play had it all: it was funny, scary and overall quite Grimm! I would rate this play 9/10!
Alex Duffell
As you can see, this was too good not to publish! Alex, we are so pleased you enjoyed the show and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Bradon Forest Theatre any time!

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