Thursday, 23 June 2011

Too many highlights to mention!

Last night saw the last music concert of the season, and what a way to see us out! There were too many highlights to mention. We had some great numbers performed by the orchestra's and choirs, including their finale piece, 'Walking on Sunshine' which they performed together. It was great to see that we have more solo and ensemble performances than ever before, and we're still seeing new faces even at this stage in the year!

One of our GCSE Music groups (pictured) performed their own composition, 'Old You', which I was still humming at the end of the night having particularly enjoyed the mix of acoustic and electric guitar. The second group incorporated piano, chime bars and a ukulele for their own arrangement of popular chart songs which use the same four chords.

Talking of ukulele's, Mr Duncan led his 'band of merry men' in 'Live and Let Die'. Oh, I only wish we had it on video. Mr Duncan did warn the audience that they may have set their sight's too high with this difficult song, but they didn't disappoint! We could only look on in amazement as they plucked away at the memorable guitar solo on their tiny instruments. The only question we have is, what will they play next time?

Miss Groom, our Head of Music, sent out these words to school staff this morning:

"As you pass around the school tomorrow please pass on HUGE congratulations to all those that participated in the Music Concert tonight. They were fantastic. The theatre was packed and the room was buzzing...they did us proud! Special mention to Jack who did a great job guiding us through the evening...a star in the making. Over 50 participants - staff and students...well done to all!"
I tweeted last night that it was yet another superb concert and had a little moan that there are only four a year. Even our Staff Handchime Group managed to not embarrass ourselves too much. Oh no wait, we did a little. But if anyone asks, our 'interpretation' of 'Last of the Summer Wine' was supposed to be that fast. It was, ummm, a dance remix... for the kids...

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