Monday, 6 June 2011

Arts Award Pilot Scheme. Done.

I have great news! Our first five Bronze Arts Award students have passed with flying colours! I received the moderators comments through last week, but had to wait until I'd told them all personally before announcing to the world. As part of the Bronze Award, the youngsters had to complete four parts:

  1. Be the audience
  2. Take part in the Arts
  3. Arts Heroes and Heroines
  4. Arts Apprenticeships
They led dance classes and workshops, instructed warm up sessions for Drama Club, performed in shows and competitions and filmed a review chat show after watching a professional performance. Their research was presented as story books and power points and one Bronzer even wrote her research on Freddie Mercury as lyrics to a medley of all her favourite Queen tracks!

All five Bronzers showed creativity and dedication and I think that not only did they all enjoy the award, they all learnt something from the experience.

"The five Bronze portfolios submitted by Jennifer from Bradon Forest School were part of a pilot scheme within the school and have succeeded excellently! These five portfolios were thorough and very creatively presented (especially the diary from Ania for her Part B - excellent). Good levels of evidence in all parts. The young people have obviously benefited a great deal from their Arts Award. Well done."
- Dannsia Iwaszko

Congratulations to Claudia Brinkworth, Fleur Calder, Chloe Stollery-Clarke, Bradley Williams and Ania Witka. Now for the Silver Award and the next phase of Bronze...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny!! It was a great experience! cant wait to do my silver grade!!!