Monday, 11 October 2010

I value the arts... do you?

The NCA has launched a major, new public campaign: I Value the Arts. This campaign aims to give everyone a chance to voice their views on support for the arts.

Three quarters of the adult population attend or participate in arts activities every year and an even higher proportion of young people. At a time of recession, more and more people are turning to the arts and culture. Reduced opportunities to take part in the arts could have a major impact on the quality of people’s lives and the vibrancy of their communities. As the Government is encouraging us all to get engaged and create a ‘Big Society’, we believe it is important for those people who care about the arts to get involved in the decision-making about what their communities will look like. This campaign gives everyone who cares a chance to have their voice heard and collectively show that the arts provide a valued public service.

If you value the arts and want to have a say about the arts in your community please register your details on a new website: . You will then be kept in touch with plans that could affect the arts nationally and in your area, with practical suggestions on what you can do to strengthen the case for the arts.

Promotion of the campaign is reliant on supporters encouraging others to sign up - so your active support is vital.

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN - visit the website for a range of resources, images, logos, web buttons and suggestions for action.

Follow the @IValueTheArts on Twitter

The National Campaign for the Arts is leading this campaign whose website and associated technology has been made possible thanks to generous donations of skills, time and resources by industry suppliers.

The NCA is the UK’s only independent campaigning organisation representing all the arts. It provides a voice for the arts world in all its diversity. It seeks to safeguard, promote and develop the arts and win public and political recognition for their importance as a key element in our national culture. The NCA does not receive core funding from the Arts Council or from any governmental or political body. We are funded by our members to carry out our vital lobbying and advocacy work.

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