Friday, 22 October 2010

From Mecca to Meca

You may remember we already blogged about this in September, but the official press release is now in circulation.

"Last month Swindon woke up to the announcement of a venue that the town has wanted for years. GVS Entertainment limited, a consortium of local business men, started work to convert the Old Mecca Bingo Hall into a 2000 capacity music Venue.

Speculation on the name, acts and what is planned have circulated online and across the town. The new owners are now able to release that the official name will be M.E.C.A. Taking its lead from what the venue has been called since its closure over 2 years ago but putting a twist on it that allows people to know exactly what is intend for the venue.

M.E.C.A will stand for Music Entertainment Cultural Arena”, stated Steve Causer, spokesman for GVS. “We put out a smoke screen name recently to get people talking about the venue, the name and keep the mystery going on what we have planned. MECA has always been the name from the initial time we took the building on, you can search facebook for Swindon Meca and see we have been talking about the project for the past year”.

The announcement of the name comes as the venue is preparing to open its doors for the first time this December.

“Work is on track to be ready by the end of November as we have already announced. We have a number of events that will be announced formally in the next week or so. We have looked hard at what to put on this year to show what the venue wants to cater for and show it off. We look forward to people attending and inputting into what the venue should be offering, looking to bring to the town and more”. Commented Steve

Tickets for the first events will be on sale next week via online ticket agency and via outlets around the town including Swin City Comics on Morley Street.

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