Monday, 1 March 2010

The Department of Smelling Pistakes

There are still a few tickets left for tomorrow night's performance by Publick Transport.

Mining its trademark vein of absurdist humour, and taking inspiration from writers such as Gogol and Bulgakov, Publick Transport moves east, deep, deep into the bowels of a vast Russian governmental building where two civil servants jostle for power, one a puffed up bureaucrat in search of a job description, the other an unidentified inspector, the purpose of whose visit remains frighteningly vague. Reluctant to commit to specific thought for fear of showing ignorance of the party line (which changes hourly), they make idle conversation out of which is extrapolated the deepest meaning, while their attempts at political correctness only result in grammatical incorrectness.

The company have previously toured here with 20,000 Leagues Under the Office which was thoroughly enjoyed by a packed out audience!

Tickets are on sale now! Call 01793 773981 or email me to reserve yours today.

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Jessica Harper said...

Hey Stacked actors
How goes it? Been a while since I dropped in and posted a comment. The blog is looking really good folks. Last Saturday my drama club started back up and we are doing a show called "What happened to Maria?" just a fun kind of thing. This week the kids had to go away and come up with a paragraph telling us what they think had happened to Maria. For a bit of fun on my blog entry for today please feel free to come up with your own "What happened to Maria?" Paragraph!
Hope your ok!