Monday, 15 March 2010

BBC News: 'Sleep lessons' aim to sharpen up grumpy teenagers

I thought it might be worth re-posting this BBC News story promoting more sleep for teenagers.
"Sleep Scotland says getting enough sleep boosts academic performance and sporting prowess. However going without can be linked to obesity and a greater risk of depression."
So for all you classroom yawners out there... you know who you are... take a look at this site for some tips on how to sleep better. If nothing else, it'll help you keep your youthful looks for longer, but may even help you to get better exam results!

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Jessica Harper said...

Hey Stacked Actors.
Just thought I would drop in to say hi and to see how you are! :-)
I must remember to watch this porgramme as I lurrrve my sleep and wish to keep my youthful looks. Pah!haha!
Hope alls well!