Monday, 14 December 2009

I Heart Florence and the Machine

I don't think I've been to Brixton Academy since the Dodgy Christmas Party back in the 90's. Yes, it's been a while I know! Last night I made the trip back and it was well worth the wait. Florence and the Machine absolutely blew my mind. When I first heard Rabbit Heart I instantly thought her voice would be worth selling your soul for.

They opened with the beautiful My Boy Builds Coffins which, after a great warm up by The Temper Trap, had everyone singing along. She then brought on the choir to join the band and orchestra! Highlights for me were Cosmic Love which was performed in front of a glittering star cloth, always a crowd pleaser, and Drumming Song. The finale was Dog Days Are Over (a personal favourite) followed by You've Got The Love... with the whole crowd being rained on by a shower of confetti hearts.

The encore was a bit of a marmite effort with a cover of Beyonce's Halo. She instantly won over any non-believers with the last song of the night, Rabbit Heart. I'd worn the wrong shoes for trailing through London, but even I was dancing at the end! My throat hurts from singing and I'm just holding out for the Singstar Florence edition. Maybe that's one I'll have to sing along to on my own.

I heart Florence. A lot. She sings so beautifully I could cry. If you can catch her live then do it.


Typecast said...
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Jessica Harper said...

Yes it is true Florence is truley amazing!