Thursday, 19 March 2009

Letter to Strange Face

I was going to write a review on the play we saw last night, but figured this letter I just sent to them says it all. Go and watch them!

Hi Strange Face,

I just had to write to say thank you for last night! After receiving the brochure from Salisbury Art Centre, I was intrigued by your publicity, so decided to organise a work jolly as a birthday treat for our boss. Eight of us from our small theatre headed out from Swindon to watch the show.

We ALL thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was full of energy and enthusiasm, the characters were delightful and endearing, the story was interesting and fun and the music was brilliant! I don't think it was quite what any of us were expecting, but when the landlady burst into song, it stepped the story to another level!

Working at a school theatre we get to see a wide variety of productions, from some really excellent professional companies. I have to say that I truly enjoyed your style of storytelling. I love theatre that entertains just for the pleasure of a good story. Throw puppets, masks and live music in to the mix, and for me, you're on to a winning formula.

As I hoped, our boss David Calder is really interested in booking you to come to Bradon Forest. We're really excited about The Christmas Carol, but to be honest, I could happily sit through The Last Resort again!

Thank you all again for a wondrous evening. Hopefully we'll see you again very soon!

I should probably add, that the Salisbury Art Centre is a delightful venue, and they don't make a bad tomato soup either! Make the effort to take a visit.

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