Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Düsseldorf Festival of Culture

Hello again.
Pictures don't seem to want to come up on this laptop, so I've set up a photobucket album -

Felix's Photo Album

Here you can see all the ahem wonderful pictures i take. Today I will be taking my camera to the dress rehearsal of the young people's musical, so you can see what i'm talking about with the staging. This is earlier than expected, because for one reason and another I ended up going with Sabine the mother and Johannes to a show which was part of Düsseldorf's annual festival of culture.

The group was called Balagan, and they were from Russia, and they were extremely polished and very very enjoyable. It was almost like a theatrical circus. There was almost constand music, provided by the basis of piano, violin, double bass and drums, and covered many different genres. There was also a trumpet, trombone and horn which came on intermittently. All were very skilled. There was a beautiful singer, two elegant ballet dancers, an extremely flexible woman, a comedy mime magician strongman, two jugglers, an acrobat using material hung from the flies and a lady who did some very interesting things with hoops. They received frequent appplause throughout and a standing ovation at the end. You could tell just how precise all their movements were and I thought it was brilliantly done. The following link is from the official website and has a couple of videos, the one on the left especially giving you a snapshot of everything they do.

I'll let you know how the world premiere of 'Major Dux' goes, though i have to say it's looking very good. I was able to watch a tech run through from the lighting room yesterday as well as go up amongst the rigging in the flies, which was pretty immense. Coming from a school where the lighting was never very exciting because of the limited resources the department was given, we had nothing more than ten-odd fresnels and some gels, it was amazing to see such a scale of lighting so close up, and they have some really cool effects in the piece. 'Til then...
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